Sunday, 6 September 2009

Demonophobia is such a bullshit game

I suddenly remembered that I have a game called Demonophobia sitting on my hard drive and decided to give it a spin again.

For those who have not heard of it, Demonophobia is a Japanese survival horror game.I do not know much moonspeak so a quick google indicates that the story is about a girl named Sakuri who tries to summon demons for revenge and ends up being transported to hell/the demonic realm. The game is heavily focused on showing you various and graphic ways of killing your character.

So if you do not like messed-up shit, you probably shouldn't click on any of the image links.

Still here? Cool.

See, I probably wouldn't think that this game was incredibly bullshit if it was actually impossible to complete it and if you had to run around hell forever and get killed a lot. Instead, it's like, "Hey, I'm not doing too badly, maybe I'll actually get to fight the boss!" and then you'll get decapitated by an enemy.

I wonder what happens

As another example, there was one room that I went into, grabbed an emblem or something off the pedestal and tried to exit the room, only for a giant red man teleport in front of me and start punching me in the stomach, then the face, then the face again.

I get it, I'm dead

Due to the controls being clunky, it is hard to maneuver and run away from enemies. Not to mention bosses, who are impossible faggots to beat. Maybe my keyboard is just awful or something, but my character would sometimes stop running for no reason at all despite my insistent hammering of the X key. "RUN, DAMMIT! I'm dead again, thanks a lot!"

I could not run fast enough

Also, when I pressed keys that do things in-game, except I pressed them when I was typing messages on MSN/renaming files/whatever, stuff still happened in game. Resuming when I wanted the game paused. Annoying stuff like that. Not really a big deal, but still requires you to have no friends talking to you while you play it. Or you ignoring your friends.

Most notable on the fucked-up scale is one stage where you seem to be back in your house. Everything looks fine and dandy and you can hear your mother's voice. When you enter the room, it's um...

Goddammit mom

It gets even creepier when suddenly, her moonrunes turn into letters of the alphabet.

I swear this is not my PC acting up

Then you go outside and JESUS CHRIST MY HOUSE

Although is sure is MS Paint around here

Then for some reason somewhere in the middle, I felt like listening to Sexual Healing on loop, probably because the game doesn't have any audio.


Seriously, very little health, no audio, shitty controls, shit like walking near a wall killing you AKFDS FUCK, this is a pretty DUDE THIS GAME IS BULLSHIT game.

Whoever made this is probably sitting back in his chair with his best smug internet troll face.

EDIT: I am a retard and cannot screencap for shit, so have a better version of JESUS CHRIST MY HOUSE. The green things actually have two legs now.


Anonymous said...

WAH WAH WAH! I'm a retard who's insecure with his sexuality and I suck at games that don't have pretend guitars!

This game's for adults only. Go back to playing kiddy bullshit that practically hands you a goddamn victory, or I just might tell your mommy and daddy about your potty mouth.


Anonymous said...

The game is awesome.

Stop being a pain in the ass -.-

If you don't like gore or dificult games, go play the stupid ones you normaly do.

Retarded -.-

Anonymous said...

Hey, contrary to what you retarded assholes might think, or pretend to be capable of thinkin', a frustratin' game and a challengin' game are 2 different things.

If ya think that cheap deaths make a game better or more mature in any way, then you're pathetic and you have no taste. Now stop wastin' this guy's time with your retardation.

Anonymous said...

yeah the controls are a pain, they keep locking up on me, but i love the difficulty, its challenging and i love ryona so the gore i like, also she'll stop running because you have a stamina limit, she stops running because shes tired. I also wish there was sound a music, i still like the game though.

Anonymous said...

this is a great game..

By the way this is a Korean game, it was translated to Japanese.

Anonymous said...

Yay, we get the violent, blood thirsty nature of korean politics, and the sick perverted fetishism of japanese media.

wings said...

Well go play Guitar Hero and fuck yourself

Thats all I have to say

"Seriously, very little health, no audio, shitty controls, shit like walking near a wall killing you"

Thats all you have to say?


Anonymous said...

Heh, lots of perverts got to defend their fap-material on one harmless blog review huh? Must not have a lot of free time I guess.

Anonymous said...

Just to clear it up, the run button actually goes by Stamina, so if you run out you stop running and either walk or take a quick rest unless you're being chased by Pyramid Head (Lucifer), then just keep walking and spamming X till you have stamina again and run for half a second.

mr potato said...

Just in case if you don't know, some peoples get excited by these death scenes. The story's good enough but the rest is pretty shitty indeed. Wings and those Anonymous seem to be irritate 'cause you are kind of insulting theirs fap- material. This game is Japanese by origin.

Anyway, your comments are hilarious. In case if you want to play/complete the game easily, there's a cheat engine for this game, instant death attacks/traps can still kill you though.

mr potato said...

You must know, these death scenes can turn some people on. Wings and a certain Anonymous seem to get irritate 'cause you are kind of insulting their fap-material.

Anyway, your review is hilarious. There's a cheat engine for this game that can make thing easier, instant death trap/attack can still kill you though.