Monday, 19 July 2010

The Great Asialand Adventure 2010 Roundup

So maybe I was just lazy and couldn't be bothered posting, or maybe it was also to do with the fact that once we reached Hong Kong we had to pay for internet in our hotel rooms. Not to mention we barely had any time in Singapore to hijack my relatives' computers. Because my last post basically summed up everything about Malaysia, I'm going to talk about Hong Kong and Singapore.

Hong Kong? Hong Kong is pretty neat. We went over there with my cousin. Hot as hell when we went there, but at least the train service and all the underground tunnels are air-conditioned. Stuff is still reasonably cheap. HK is a haven for collectables and toys, if you know where to look, but first you need to brave through crowds of sticky people. A fine haul:

- 1/100 MG MS-06R-2 Zaku II Johnny Ridden Custom Ver. 2.0
- Figma Drossel
- PlayArts Bayonetta
- Revoltech Hot Rodimus
- Revoltech EVA-05
- S.A.S Killer Queen
- A bunch of trading figures
... and Real Action Heroes Dio! I don't think I'll ever take him out of the box though, no matter how tempting it may be. It was a very good deal too - after currency conversion he cost roughly AU$160.

There's a lot of construction going on in HK, but the taxi ride in was breathtaking. There was a part where we were driven around this large, circular site, which was surrounded by these huge black cranes that looked like birds with red eyes glaring down at something unseen. There was also a literal wall of buildings that look like they were transported out of nowhere.

In terms of other tourist sites, we went and saw the giant Buddha on the mountain. For AU$2, we got to walk up several steps of stairs in the blazing heat to be greeted with a bottle of cold water and an ice cream. Not to mention entry to this exhibition hall which featured paintings done in blood. It's pretty unnerving when you realise. The top of the mountain is equally unnerving; you look up and see the Buddha totally shrouded in clouds, then realise that you are as well.

Sure, that was neat, but it didn't beat the awesome Toy Story 3 exhibit that was happening at one of the shopping centers. A massive replica of Andy's bed, complete with a Slinky Dog that stared down at you. Outside there was an army of aliens and a large scale Buzz Lightyear.

I kind of regret not buying more dumb shit like nail polish, etc. from HK because it was all so damn cheap there. Once we got to Singapore, I think we kind of forgot that stuff wasn't as great a bargain as it was in HK. No matter, I was over looking at branded goods by then. Singapore was supposed to be about chilling with relatives anyway.

Most notable is this kid named Kieren, who is approximately 4 years old. I don't know how he's related to me because families are just crazy like that. I called him cute, which caused him to pout and make an angry noise before telling me that he wasn't any such thing and that he was evil. This just made me laugh and rub his head and call him cute again and before I knew it I was laughing hysterically at the dinner table at this child who kept shouting that he wasn't cute. This prompted my mother to turn and tell my aunt about the nasty streak I have that causes me to provoke people.

Maybe I wasn't looking in the right places, but Singapore kicked the shit out of HK where video games were concerned. While I managed to pick up Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, NMH: Heroes' Paradise and Darkness Within 2 from HK, I got 3D Dot Game Heroes, Aquanaut's Holiday and Hakuna Matata from Singapore. And I haven't even touched Alan Wake yet!

Good times in Singapore, with all the nostalgia. Came home tired as all hell and I'm glad we at least had a couple of days to ourselves.

Pictures and whatever soon, maybe.

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