Saturday, 28 March 2009

Saying goodbye to Paradise

Finished Flower, Sun and Rain. It's a beautiful, albeit confusing game, even if calling it a 'game' would be a bit of a stretch. The story is something to be expected from Suda 51, I suppose. It's quite easy to see how this all fits in with killer7 and even The Silver Case.

I'll admit though, the ending confused me. But I guess that's what all the time in the world is for.

"A paradise is a place separated from the world."


Topdrunkee said...

Nah, it doesn't really relate with K7 at all. K7 takes place in an alternate reality. (Though K7 does reference SC, FSR, & Moonlight Syndrome.)
FSR is actually a direct continuation of Sumio's story from Silver Case.
FSR even has direct ties to Moonlight Syndrome. Yayoi Hanayama was actually one of the main antagonists from Moonlight Syndrome. (She's also the only human from MS who's still alive.)

As for the FSR ending. It's something that you'll never get without playing Silver Case first.

You see, Sumio the main character is actually an escaped convict who was jailed for terrorism during SC.
This is what was implied during the ending during the airplane when the guy who takes his mask off tells you that "You should've stayed in your cell."

That guy is actually Sumio's former partner back in the days when Sumio used to be a detective.

As for the whole time paradox thing.
What you seem to misunderstand is that every single scene (day) in FSR was seen from the perspective of another body who assumed the form of Sumio.
(Shelter children. It's another plot thread that came from silver Case.)

So in a sense practically everything in game happened within a duration of two or three days.
The Sundance tribe are a faction who have been taken advantage of by the Hachisuka family.
(Tokio Morishima is the sole Hachisuka who's still alive. His sister, and the other Hachisukas were killed off during Silver Case.)

I suppose that you haven't read these threads yet.

There's just way too much to explain about the plot of FSR, and even then we still don't have all the answers.
Specifically we still have no idea who Toriko Kusabi is. (Her father is that man who was posing as Peter during the ending.)

Some of us at the forum claim that Toriko is Katherine, Sumio's brief case.
Another believes that Toriko Kusabi is actually the real Toriko Kusabi, Tetsuguro's daughter.
(Tetsu is that Peter guy.)
My belief is that Toriko Kusabi is actually a science experiment who was made to resemble a younger Kyoko Kazan from Moonlight Syndrome.

All in all it's typical Suda affair with the ending. You get some answers, and even more questions.


Huh. Ok, that makes a little more sense now. Hopefully it will make even more sense once I work my way through The Silver Case... not that I understand much moonspeak.

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